Leak Detection & CCTV Surveys

Leak Detection

MPM offer a complete range of non-invasive leak detection services using the latest technology available to locate leaks on main service pipes, heating systems and mains water. Our services include thermal imaging and an acoustic listening detection system which allow us to quickly isolate and resolve any issues.

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CCTV Surveys

Drain Surveys

CCTV surveys of internal drainage systems help to trace cracks, defects and root causes which could be the cause of leaks or drain blockages. Identifying the source of underground drainage issues allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective resolution.

Chimney Surveys

Carrying out a Chimney CCTV survey enables us to identify issues with minimal expense and disruption. By using cutting edge technology we can identify the cause of a problem, provide a recording for off-site perusal, and in some situations remedy the issue while onsite or plan the best solution with our client.

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